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The magic of cake!

2009-11-08 02:20:54 by Wolfonite

While sitting at the table one night finishing off a delicious slice of chocolate cake that my awesome chef brother made. All of a sudden a sound started playing through my head! Slowly and slowly it got louder and clearer! I woofed down the rest of the slice of cake, and bolted up the stairs to try to get the sound out. 2 weeks later and a perilous move of a drum-set, the song "Falling Behind You" emerged!
Falling Behind You Enjoy! And have a great day! :D

The magic of cake!

My friend, my brother, and I sat down and made the weirdest...If you want to call it music...I think I've ever heard. It's weird how well some of the songs sound even though nothing was planned we just kinda sat down and bam. Just 1 mic, 2 guitars, + 3 people = equals 8 weird songs. Oh yeah there is one about a dinosaur, ill get around to posting that one...eventually.

Somehow after a long day of video games...